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A striking tribute to those military men and women who suffer from PTSD.


This reproduction of LK Wurzer's original artwork "One Piece at a Time" is printed on archival silver halide photo paper and is ready to be set into a standard photo frame. 

PLEASE NOTE: Images are reproduced according to the scale/proportions of the original painting. Prints will fit into most standard frame sizes and some may show a slight white border.


All prints are signed and will arrive safely in a stiff flat or tube mailer.

*Frame not included.

(c) 2020 LK Wurzer Art - All work is protected by copyright.


"The war is never over. This is something I never had to consider, but it is true for so many servicemen and women who suffer from combat-related PTSD.

The war is an internal storm. A fight to hold on to the person they once knew as themself while fending off the demons brought on by the moral atrocities endured in battle. PTSD is not a disease, it is damage to the soul that never heals.

It has been described to me that life after combat is like a seemingly endless puzzle. Every day is spent searching routinely for the missing pieces that were lost at war.

Some are pieces of the edge, the border, the foundation of their whole being; a persons heart, soul and values.

Other pieces may not seem as integral as the foundation but remain just as important to complete the puzzle, the whole image of them as a human being, such as the abilities to feel emotions and control reactions.

EVERY piece is important, though not always easy to find.

It is important, however, to recognize that to seek help in putting the puzzle back together is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not a sign of weakness, but a major leap of strength. It is another puzzle piece...possibly one of the easiest and yet most difficult to find. You tap it in place and keep moving forward, one piece at a time."


"One Piece at a Time" Fine Art Print

PriceFrom $25.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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