A Voluptuously Nerdy Confection Collection
by LK Wurzer

“Here is the truth about being a nerd. You don't have to be an expert in something, you just have to be passionate. There is no test and no application. Only a love of a thing that is the best.”
― Cecil Castellucci, Don't Cosplay with My Heart

"Missing You" (2018)
"Missed Reflections" (2018) original
"See Flash Dance" (2019)
"Space Cakes" (2019) Original
"Dick (Tracy) in a Box" (2019)
"Falling For You" (2018)
"Crying Wolf" (2018)
"Iron Maiden" (2019)
"Optimus Fine" (2019)
"Missed Reflections" (2018) tinted
"Space Cakes" (2019) tinted
"Puppet Master" (2019)
"Hooked on a Feeling" (2019)
"Bee Mine" (2018)

This premium- quality 12"x 12" calendar is a gorgeous month-by-month compilation   of  each titillating Nerd Candy  original  artwork.