Mystery, whimsy and beauty are the spoons that stir my creative Crock-pot, with water being the versatile element that binds everything together. I paint stories straight out of my childhood dreams; dreams where I lived underwater as a mermaid...not the ones where that pesky alien E.T. would give me the exciting ability to fly but then suddenly clothespin me on a telephone wire.

As water and light are essential to life, so are they to the subjects of many of my paintings. I’m inspired by the movement and fluidity of water in nature, and by the way light reflects and refracts when the two meet. Combined, they bring out a level of beauty that can only be found in nature and beyond. And perhaps in the next Apple product.

While I have an eye for realism and many of my portraits are just that, lately my personal artwork has become a blend of romanticism and expressionism. I appreciate the freedom and fluidity of this looser style. Using a mix of mediums, but most often oil paints, my bold color palette evokes adventurous emotions and nerd-infused wonder. Carefully blended brush strokes (and a few sloppy ones) carry my artwork into dreamlike whimsy.

One of my goals as an artist is to create a story on my canvas, not just a pretty picture. And there isn’t a good story out there that doesn’t have an element of mystery. One might say that my artwork is like the spawn of a threesome involving Nancy Drew, Davy Jones and Bob Ross (although sometimes my mistakes resemble anything but birds or trees).

I'm pretty much the Alfonso Ribeiro of the visual arts industry and painting is my Carlton dance (even though I’m still waiting for someone to agree with me). Through beautiful, tranquil and intriguing paintings, a dash of nerdy pizazz and sometimes a bit of slightly inappropriate humor, my hope is to create works of art that will remind people to smile. In the end, I'd like to leave this world just a little brighter than I found it.



Raised on a farm in the small town of Delano, Minnesota, I was always interested in art, but never thought much about pursuing it as a career, or even a consistent hobby. 

After high school I studied at the prestigious campuses of Alexandria Technical College and then Metropolitan State University for Law Enforcement. Although I was pretty amazing at following rules and being an expert sharpshooter, somewhere along the line after I was handed my diploma I came to realize that passive-aggressiveness wasn't the optimal sought-after trait for an officer of the law. 


So, instead of going into the field, I settled down and spawned a small brood of minions while I thought about my options. I just knew, however, that I was destined to do more than simply be the majestically domestic overlord of a household.

Fast-forward about ten years and many good and bad life experiences in between, I found myself attempting to paint a memorial portrait for someone's recently deceased dog. The portrait turned out amazingly well, and it was the owner's response to that gift that made me realize that I had actually been the one who had received a gift.

I never stopped painting after that portrait. I mean, I am human, I think...I did take a few breaks. But I have found what drives me, and it's NOT my soccer mom SUV. My art brings back the energy that my minions have sucked out of me, It's like coffee...but it's not.