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About the Artist


LeAnna Wurzer is an American artist. A creative visionary, LeAnna is an oil painter, muralist, illustrator, and professional street artist who has attracted clients and collectors worldwide with her unique style.


A painter who holds an intense passion for the artwork she creates, her work is fueled by the vibrancy of color, the magic of light, and the pliancy and fluidity of natural elements.  Her work is distinctive and captivating, whether it be through the soul-searching eyes of an animal subject, or a glimmering reflection of a glowing street lamp on a damp roadside.

With hundreds of past clients, LeAnna has had the privilege of working on a wide range of commissioned creations, including collaborative works for the Minnesota Lynx and Minnesota's Largest Candy Store.

In addition to private collections and business collaborations, LeAnna's artwork has been displayed through multiple 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, including Pheasants Forever, Camp Hope, and the Veterans Defense Project.

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